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Collin-Mezin Cello, 1886, Paris

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A gorgeous example of this great master’s work, this cello has a very well balanced and intimate sound with fine resonance, clarity and response. Two piece quarter sawn maple back of defined medium width flame, descending slightly from the center Joint. Spruce top of medium width grain. The varnish is amber brown over a golden ground.

Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mezin
Born in Mirecourt in 1841, Charles Jean-Baptiste Collin-Mezin, first studied violin making with his father, and later with the great Vuillaume, in Brussels. Opening his shop in Paris in 1867, Collin-Mezin was a sought after restorer, but remained focused on making new instruments. Dedicated to the patterns of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri, his work is careful and clean, with penetrating tonal qualities. His fame was further enhanced in violin competitions and adjudications, winning many top awards and medals in the most prestigious competitions.

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile:

Country of Origin

French Violin Making

Mirecourt: The Center of Violin Making in France

Although the precise beginning of violin making in the northeastern French commune of Mirecourt has been lost to obscurity, there is no question that some of the greatest violin makers in history lived and worked in Mirecourt. In the 1600s, there were perhaps 50 luthiers, as the city was just beginning to forge its reputation. Precise recordkeeping was instituted during the 18th century, a necessity of the guild system that was helping transform Western Europe into an economic powerhouse.

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Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

Standing alongside Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri as one of history's greatest and most influential violinmakers, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume possessed an unusual array of qualities unique in the violinmaking world. Born in the famous French violinmaking center of Mirecourt in 1798, Jean Baptiste learned his craft well, first from his father, later from Fr. Chanot.

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Parisian Violin Making

The heart and soul of French violin making is actually Mirecourt, which is around 100 miles from Paris. It was the birthplace of most of the great violin makers of France. There, the famous European guild system firmly took hold, providing the training, support and resources necessary to develop skilled luthiers and fine quality instruments.

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