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Inokuchi Atelier Cello, Toronto, 2019

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From the highly-respected Toronto workshop of Miki Inokuchi, we have yet another example of their fine craftsmanship. Exhibiting excellent tonal balance and core presence, this cello will find its home equally well in a chamber or solo setting. The deep orange-brown varnish accents the two-piece maple back beautifully to result in a cello worthy of the advancing musician. Following the same principles as the violins and violas from the Inokuchi workshop, this cello has had its plates tuned and extensive setup work done to optimize its sound in order to deliver the highest performing instrument possible.

About Atelier Inokuchi
Inokuchi & Son have been hand crafting violins, violas and cellos in Toronto for over 40 years. The Inokuchi shop currently consists of master luthier Masa Inokuchi, and his son Miki. Instrument building has been in the Inokuchi family for three generations and found its beginning with the building of classical guitars in Japan. With the family’s third generation maker fully engaged in the art of violin making, the Inokuchi shop remains vital and active to this day, priding itself on achieving artist level quality and playability in their master made instruments. This is achieved through the careful proprietary tuning of plates and extreme care and attention paid to the setup of their instruments, processes carefully developed by master maker Masa Inokuchi. These efforts have built an impressive client list of the some of the world’s most beloved artists, including Pinchas Zukerman and Vladimir Orlov.

Price: $12,000

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile: