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Louis Bazin Violin Bow, Mirecourt

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Charles Louis Bazin was one of the more prolific makers of 20th century France. Establishing his shop in Mirecourt, Bazin provided many violinmakers with bows either unbranded or with the violinmaker's stamp. Bows, such as this one, with Bazin's stamp are some of the finest examples from his shop. Bazin went on to employ and train such great makers as Arthur Husson, Louis Dumont, Marcel Lapierre, and Claude Ouchard.

A fine, flexible bow allowing for a soft, but rich tone, this bow from Louis Bazin is perfect for the professional chamber musician. Detache and spiccato are effortless. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Kenneth Warren & Sons.


Price: $9,000

Size: 4/4