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Andrea Zanre Romeo Violin, 2014, Parma, Italy

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A classic, modern Italian violin made with the utmost care by Parma luthier Andrea Zanre. A perfectly balanced violin, with clear and very responsive resonant tone, expressing a multitude of tonal colors, well suited for chamber music. The back is of a single quarter sawn slab of maple, with pronounced narrow to medium flaming, running at a slight diagonal. The top is of straight grained spruce of fine to medium width. Carefully applied varnish in light red-orange over an amber ground.

Price: $15,000

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile:



Andrea Zanre

Andrea Zanre

Andrea Zanre, born in Parma in 1976, attended the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria di Parma, under the guidance of famed maker and teacher Renato Scrollavezza, graduating in 1998. Remaining in Parma, Zanre's careful approach to violinmaking, focusing on originality of conception within classic Italian patterns, has enabled him to establish his instruments worldwide. In 2002, Zanre established the workshop, Scrollavezza & Zanre, in collaboration with Elisa Scrollavezza, daughter of Renato Scrollavezza. Creating a line of instruments together, under the label Scrollavezza and Zanre, each maker continues to also make individual instruments independently.

Country of Origin

Italian Violin Making

Cremona: The Birthplace of Today's Violins

The origins of the violin were likely rooted in India or the Far East. In fact, musical instruments that are played with a bow appear in centuries-old paintings and pottery from many different civilizations. But there is no doubt that the violin we recognize today originated in mid-1500 Cremona, Italy, more specifically from the hand of Andrea Amati.

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