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Andreas Haensel 'del Gesu' Violin, Germany, 2018

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Crafted by gold medal-winning violinmaker Andreas Haensel & based off the works of the great Guarneri del Gesu, this violin features a powerful, focused sound that balances perfectly with its lustrous texture. A joy to play for any professional!

Gold and Silver Medal Winner
Fifth International Violin-Making Competition, Pisogne, Italy

With over 100 top luthiers competing in this major juried event, Andreas Haensel's instruments were awarded the top two prizes in 2014. Coming on the heels of awards in 2010 and 2013, the world's top luthiers have taken note of Andreas Haensel.

Works of Art, From the Hands of a Passionate Craftsman
Upon examination of these violins, great attention to detail and a high level of technical mastery is quickly apparent. But it is in the playing that the real value of these violins emerges. Regardless of pattern, all violins have a quality that makes them easy to play, delighting the hand and ear. Strong, generous tone, with layers of complexity, is the first quality that one notices. Apply more and more bow weight, and the tone simply opens out, with great projection, yet with no overbearing qualities or harshness. Spend even more time playing, and a myriad of intangibles reveal themselves. Response is immediate, whether bowing with strong detache or flautando.

Learn more about Andreas Haensel's instrument creation process here.

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile: