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E.H. Roth VIR Violin, Markneukirchen, 1925

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The model VI violin from the Roth shop is a copy of a 1732 Josef Guarneri violin that was lent to Roth by the Parisian Luthiers Silvestre and Maucotel. Through meticulous evaluation of the original example, Roth developed this violin to emulate the appearance and tonal color of the master's work. The result is an excellent example of the golden period in German violinmaking. The beautiful one piece back, faithful to the original, is coated with the characteristic Roth oil varnish of a deep red-brown hue over a golden ground. This particular example possesses a projecting and well-balanced sound across all registers and is well suited to undertake any repertoire.

The E.H. Roth Workshop

Founded in 1902 by Ernst Heinrich Roth, the E. H. Roth company has regularly produced some of the finest German stringed instruments. It has also produced some of the best violin makers in Germany, who apprenticed with the firm and developed into master violin makers. All Roth violins have the Roth label inside, with the names of the best makers appearing on the labels, and the model number of the instrument also appearing, indicative of the level. Ernst Heinrich Roth himself is unquestionably considered the best maker at his family’s company.

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Price: $18,500

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile: