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Kurt Gütter violin, Markneukirchen 1923

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This Stradivari pattern violin from 1923 is a prime example of the golden age of violin making in Markneukirchen, Germany. Possessing the characteristic rich and textured sound of a well-aged German violin, this example from Gütter leaves nothing to be desired. A stunning one piece maple back with prominent flaming further highlights Gütter's expertise and attention to detail both in material selection as well as craftsmanship.

About Kurt Gütter:

Kurt Gütter was a prominent violinmaker during early 1900's in Markneukirchen, Germany. Heralding from the same town as renowned shops such as Heberlien and Roth, Gütter made a name for himself as an excellent maker.

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Price: $10,000

Size: 4/4

Tonal Profile: