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Mid 19th Century Italian Violin - Mantua Region

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A most interesting violin from the mid 19th century Mantuan region, labelled Giuseppe Dall’Aglio. The sweet, clear tone and fine balance makes this an excellent chamber music instrument. This violin may seem roughly made, with somewhat uneven proportions, a slightly larger pattern and open f-holes. Yet it has a fluid and integrated grace, reflecting the spontaneity of an earlier era. The back is of one piece, of slight grain, with medium width flame descending from treble to bass. The top is of spruce with medium width grain. The varnish is a deep red brown over amber ground, with considerable wear, but in fine condition.

Mantua’s fame in the violin world began with Pietro Guarneri, in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, along with his followers, Balestrieri and Camilli. Giuseppe Dall’Aglio was influenced by these great makers and by the early 19th century was the finest maker in Mantua, until Stefano Scarampella. 

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Price: $25,000

Size: 4/4

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Italian Violin Making

Cremona: The Birthplace of Today's Violins

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