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Stefano Trabucchi S5223 Violin, Cremona, 2016

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This violin from the Cremonese master, Stefano Trabucchi, reflects Stradivari’s legacy in every way. Powerful and penetrating tone, brilliant and complex, perfectly suited or an emotive player. Clean, precise and exuberant workmanship to the last detail. The back is one of piece of medium-width maple, cut on the quarter, with grain descending slightly from left to right. Clear and straight grained spruce top with well-defined grain lines. The deep orange-red varnish, over a golden ground,  is applied in today’s traditional Cremonese style, without antiquing.

Born in 1970 in Sondrio, Italy, Stefano Trabucchi has established himself as one of Cremona’s leading masters. A graduate of the International School of Lutherie at the young age of 18, Trabucchi opened his own shop at age 22, after four years of apprenticeship. Inspired especially by the work of Stradivari, Trabucchi’s instruments exhibit the same refined workmanship, attention to detail, bold wood selection and attentive varnish work.

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Price: $19,000

Size: 4/4

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Country of Origin

Italian Violin Making

Cremona: The Birthplace of Today's Violins

The origins of the violin were likely rooted in India or the Far East. In fact, musical instruments that are played with a bow appear in centuries-old paintings and pottery from many different civilizations. But there is no doubt that the violin we recognize today originated in mid-1500 Cremona, Italy, more specifically from the hand of Andrea Amati.

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